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 kumphawapi police

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PostSubject: kumphawapi police   Tue May 24, 2011 8:09 am

i guess u only read the bad stuff about police in thailand.but here in kumphawapi i have only heard and seen good.they are all happy cheerful bunch blokes and very welcome customers in our shop.many times we have been stopped for lic ,ins check etc i have never been asked for 1 baht.useually they make joke with tira send us on our way .they seem to apply a common sence approach to the law.its not ridgit like back home.example 1 hot day i was feeling the heat bad ,a policeman waved us to stop tira yelled back can not i worry about farang to hot .policeman replyed go go get him home quick.another time our ning who is 15 was pulled over for no helmet on our scooter the police asked if she could pay the fine 200baht she said she could not he told her go go go.another time a farang in our shop got crazy drunk and very abusive to all.police were called he abused them bad but they only took him arm arm and gently removed him from shop.back home maybe he would have been given couple quite,ners but for sure he would have spent nite in a cell and faced court in the morning[farang customer was banned for 6mths and yes its you we are talking about boo lol]in talking to many many farang here i have never heard one bad thing about our police here .

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PostSubject: Re: kumphawapi police   Tue May 24, 2011 12:09 pm

Boo is the reason why most Thai who come in contact with Boo think Farang are loud mouthed, drunken, disrespectful Ass---es who come to their country and don't learn the language and treat their host country as if they are the Foreigners, he really believes he is the only Farang who has a Thai lady that loves him because of who he is, and in his HUMBLE opinion the rest of us are stupid idiots who all have ladies who just want our ATM card pin numbers, in his constant drunken haze he does not realize he is a perfect example of being used up for his financial ability, yes Boo we are talking about you, and I also wish to inform you that the reason you were followed the other night and had your back window smashed out by a group of bottle throwing locals was probably because of your terrible singing voice at the Karokee hahahahahaha
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kumphawapi police
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