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 A bit o History, lands of Thailand

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Udon Thani

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PostSubject: A bit o History, lands of Thailand   Wed Jul 29, 2009 10:26 pm

The earliest mention of the Thai, as a nation in south China call
NAN-JOA (Nanzhao or Nanman), comes from Chinese records dating back to
the sixth century BCE. These early Thai emanated out of the Yunnan
region and dispersed into the general area of what is today Thailand.

The known early history of Thailand begins with the earliest major
archaeological site at Ban Chiang that at least by 3600 BC. Meanwhile,
Malay, Mon, and Khmer civilizations flourished in the region prior to
the domination of the Thais, most notably the kingdom of Srivijaya in
the south, the Dvaravati kingdom in central Thailand and the Khmer
empire based at Angkor.

Sukhothai Kingdom (1238-1448):

Chiang Saen was established in the early 700s and Mueang Sua (Luang
Prabang) around AD 728 making them the first kingdoms established by
the Tai-speaking people in southeast Asia, prior to the migration and
expansion of the Tai-speaking people into northern Thailand, Laos, and
eventually into central Thailand and central Laos.

- The city of
Sukhotai was part of the Khmer empire until 1238, when two Tai
chieftains, Pho Khun Pha Muang and Pho Khun Bang Klang Hao, declared
their independence and established Sukhotai Kingdom (1238-1448) as
known the Thai-ruled kingdom. To form the Thai Kingdom, Thai annexed
some parts of prior regions until Rattanakosin Kingdom (1782), which
shown by Franco-Siamese records and others.

- Most of the lands
in the presentation did not belong to Thai kingdom at the beginning of
Sukhotai Kingdom (1238-1448). However, in 1792 the Siamese occupied
Luang Prabang and brought most of Laos under indirect Siamese rule.
Cambodia was also effectively ruled by Siam. By the time of Rama I was
death in 1809 he had created a Siamese Empire dominating an area
considerably larger than modern Thailand.

This presentation is about history of the lands that Thailand has lost since Rattanakosin Kingdom (1782-1932).

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PostSubject: Re: A bit o History, lands of Thailand   Thu Nov 19, 2009 12:02 am

Nice find on the videos. Thanks. I was never sure If the Thais were indigenous to the land. Now I know. Good research material.
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A bit o History, lands of Thailand
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